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The Paper MonsterMontreal Public Writer was set up in 1987, initially under the name Odile Dobler Office Services, a one-stop administrative and business support centre located in the West Island region of Montreal. We respond to a constantly growing need for reliable, bilingual, and cost-effective office services. We help individuals and companies in all business sectors to create, edit and/or produce professional documents.


Montreal Public Writer
Tames the Paperwork Monster

When paperwork overwhelms you, we help you get ahead: Whether you run a one-person operation or the department of a large corporation, getting all the administrative tasks done can sometimes become quite a challenge. When no one is free to handle those duties and the pile is mounting constantly, we step in as your behind-the-scenes administrative assistant as if we were a regular part of your staff.

Reduce Stress; Save Time and Money: Beat the stress of running a business by devoting your time to what you do well. Let us handle the administrative tasks that tend to pile up, check your documents for accuracy and help your firm put its best face forward. With someone taking care of the paperwork monster for you, running a business has just become easier.

Our clients consist of a wide array of industries and professionals, including: Pharmaceutical, dental, medical, health care, fashion, engineering, manufacturing, distribution, sales, communications, transportation, import/export, hospitality, financial, real estate, religious denominations, political parties, community action groups, sports organizations, contractors, consultants, trainers, teaching establishments, daycare centres, notaries, lawyers, human resources services, placement agencies, high-tech companies, to name only a few.